September, 2017


The Presbytery of Western North Carolina has been in partnership with two presbyteries in Guatemala for 20 years. Two of the priorities have been education and public health efforts in Guatemala.

At Mills River Presbyterian Church we are honored to have
Monte Horeb
in Coyolate, Guatemala as our partner church.

Each year our congregation provides scholarships for children in Coyolate, allowing them to go to school and advance their learning. Although nominally free, attending school in Guatamala has enough expenses to prevent a great majority of children from going at all, much less advancing beyond elementary-level education.

Scholarships from Mills River Presbyterian Church (about $100 per child, per year) help children look forward to a future where their dreams can be realized. Everyone is invited to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Scholarship Fund for the children in Coyolate. Pictures and brief biographical information of the students are available.

In addition, the congregation at Mills River Presbyterian Church has been involved with the health project for more than five years, giving monies to the project's activities. In addition, intergenerational volunteer teams went to Guatemala in 2006 and 2009 to help install environmentally-responsible stoves in needy communities. These reduced-smoke stoves require less wood (helping to save the forests) and produce much less smoke (reducing the chance for respiratory and eye infections).